Sound Design, Composition, Audio System Design/Implementation



Drew Olsen is...

♦   Freelance Sound Designer/Composer at Harmonix Music Systems

♦   Multi-instrumentalist

♦   Tech-geek and amateur software developer

♦   Live music performer

♦   Teacher


              ♦  ASICS Studio (RunKeeper)

                         → Sound Design

♦ DropMix (Harmonix Music Systems)

→ Sound Design, Composition, Prototyping

♦ Rock Band 4 (Harmonix Music Systems)

→ Lead Sound Designer - Mixing Engineer (hundreds of chart topping DLC songs), Feature Design, Sound Design/Implementation

♦  Face Retirement (Merrill Edge, DigitasLBi)

→ Sound Design

♦  Breeze App (RunKeeper)

→ Sound Design

Dance Central: Spotlight (Harmonix Music Systems)

→ Lead Sound Designer - Original Music, Sound Effects, Music Direction, Implementation, Mixing, Localization 

♦  Vitamin Paste Commercial Spot (JackLight Productions)

→ Original Music, Sound Design, VO Direction, Mixing

Fantasia: Music Evolved (Harmonix Music Systems)

→ Sound Design, Original Music, Remix Licensed Music, Implementation, Mixing

Dance Central 1, 2 and 3 (Harmonix Music Systems)

→ Sound Design, Music Direction, Implementation, Mixing, Localization

VidRhythm (Harmonix Music Systems)

→ Original Music

RockBand 2 and 3 (Harmonix Music Systems)

→ Sound Design, Implementation, Instrument/Gameplay Authoring

The Beatles: RockBand  (Harmonix Music Systems)

→ Instrument/Gameplay Authoring, Character Model Performance Accuracy



Below is a simple musical memory puzzle game I put together. You may need to download the Unity Webplayer which can be found here!

Here is a link to download the .exe if you don't want to grab the Webplayer or it isn't working for some reason. 

Enjoy! (My high score is 972)